Day In The Life with the Smith's | Lynchburg, Virginia Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Lauren and I met on her wedding weekend four years ago, when I came to second shoot for my incredible friend Janelle, and it was a part-ay. I rarely keep in touch with brides who’s weddings I’ve second shot, but Lauren is the kind of person who just doesn’t let that happen. Once you’re a friend, you’re treated like a best friend, and I guess something clicked during our time together because she hasn’t left me alone on social media since (and since our first and only other time meeting, she’s become an amazing photographer)

Jared and Lauren are two of the funniest people I’ve ever met, without a doubt. They’re like sarcastic dramatic children, except Jared is in med school and Lauren works at Burger King corporate so they’re very…not children. Long before little Ginny was here, Lauren invited me up to Lynchburg, Virginia for a photoshoot to take place shortly after she arrived. This is what you can expect from a long-version of a family shoot — the day to day moments + intentional portraits. I’m so thankful for their trust, good looks, long talks during the visit, and overall hospitality. Time to go back? Miss you two.