[ "Forever is composed of now's." One of my favorite quotes of all time, by Emily Dickinson. ]



From the sincerest part of me, I'm so glad you're here.

fort payne family photographer

focusing on ordinary beauty.

I don't believe in glorifying perfection. I believe in real emotion. Real messiness. Real relationships. Life is literally bursting with unplanned moments of ecstasy, love, and care. Embrace it.

This is what I walk around and try to portray in the proportions of a photo. We all have rhythms and ways of interacting with those closest to us. Why not try to display the essence of that?

fort payne wedding photographer

your story is sacred.

Maybe you're walking through a season of extreme hardship or sky soaring happiness. To me, photos are a way of honoring somebody's history. Life is weighty, but it's worth it. I view each shoot as an opportunity to pay homage to the road you've walked, and where you stand at this moment. It's a testament to the people around you -- the ones you don't want to live without. The holiness of relationship.