Love. Dignity. Honoring relationships.

The most important shoots of my career are the ones of my own family members,
where guards are down and there’s a freedom to hold natural posture, and composure. The most important shoots are “my dad has stage four lung cancer. can you photography us one last time at the old family house?” (there have been more than one of these.) The most important photos are of grandparents at a wedding, that “one” shot that brings back all the memories. It’s something sacred.

I get to feeling so nostalgic for the moments unfolding right in front of me. The glances, shrugs, laughing eyes... just threads making up the fabric of their relationship. These are important. Nuances working together to bring you that sense of belonging and home. I find myself chasing that feeling of “what are they going to miss that I can help them remember?” It’s beautifully strange, how without having any interaction previously, I feel so emotionally engaged and attached to what’s happening to the people in front of me. I know they deeply care for each other’s hearts and I want to reflect that in a powerful way.




weddings -- starting at $3600

Your big day. I'm there to notice, document, and put at ease. This is a one time event, and I take it seriously and with joy. 
Reach out for a comprehensive break down of options and pricing, and be sure to look at the Affirmation page to read reviews from past brides and grooms.


ELOPEMENTS -- starting at $1,500

If you're looking for a small and intimate way to have those closest to you gathered in support, elopements or Court House weddings are a wonderful alternative. They're a budget friendly option to still walk away with incredible photos, and have a relaxed environment surrounding the event.


family shoots -- starting at $650

My passion. No matter how many meltdowns, butt jokes, or times a child has grabbed at my lens trying to play.... I can feel my heart literally swell with joy during a family shoot, just taking in the dynamics and expressions. Extended shoot options are available for all day sessions and vacation family shoots.



How do we book? Simply reach out via one of my forms and start the conversation! For wedding clients I am alway happy to FaceTime or Skype to answer questions or get to know you, though meeting in person is the best. Once we figure out what you're looking for and how to make it happen, I provide a contract and require a 50% downpayment, and you're set.

How does it work to travel for a family shoot or wedding?  I absolutely love traveling and am happy to go wherever you're getting married or want your family photographed. Usually I need my flights, accommodation, and sometimes a rental car (though I'm also happy to ride around with you) covered, in addition to the price of the shoot.

How many photos do you typically deliver? You can expect roughly a cumulative 75-100 images per hour of shooting. 

Do you offer digital files?
Absolutely! You receive your high resolution, edited images in an online gallery. This gallery is full of extra perks such as the ability to share with family and friends, and order a variety of prints and albums.

Can we print photos or order albums through you?  One of my favorite parts of the online gallery I provide is their shop, from which you can create all kinds of artwork with your images. Calendars, canvases, albums of many sizes, and of course, just standard prints. I also offer fine art albums, which are a step above anything you can order through the gallery. They are made with seamless spreads, archival inks, and fine art paper that insure this book will  last for decades without fading. They are well worth the investment, and I'm happy to provide more information about pricing and styles.

Can you help us arrange our timeline to have the right amount of time for photos? I am always happy to offer input in this area. In fact, I feel it's crucial! If you're looking to create truly meaningful, relaxed portraits on your wedding day, allotting the proper amount of time is imperative. I will never insist on how to plan your timeline, but love offering input on the schedule in order to make the most of my time with you.

Do you bring another photographer to a wedding?
I normally work on my own and don't feel a second shooters is necessary in most cases. If you do want one, it's an option on my price list and I always work with someone I 110% trust. Generally if your wedding is over 150 guests, I recommend a second.  This insures there are more photos of all the people you've invited and we can cover a greater area by working together.

If you have a question that wasn't answered on this list, please get in touch!