Hello, I'm Rachel.

My husband Stewart and I live in the Southeast (Northern Alabama, specifically), where I get to live out my passion as a wedding and family photographer. We fell in love three years ago, when Stewart was living and working as a teacher at a children's home in Honduras (what a guy). Since then, he has taught me more of what real love looks like every day. My four younger siblings have shown me the beauty of friendship and forgiveness, through the years of adventuring and raising a multitude of animals on our 62 acre Ohio home. Lucky for us, we have amazing parents who instilled in our hearts the value of hard work and humility, and who were always willing to supervise us jumping in our lake to wash off the dirt from a long day.

These two aspects -- marriage and family -- are now what my life and  career revolve around. But rather than documenting what is expected or stereotyped, I feel wonderfully challenged to photograph the heart of the relationship between lovers, siblings, parents, and even home. No matter where I am, from orphans with their caregivers, to a suburban American family, to mothers and their babies in an Indian slum, dignifying and uncovering the beauty of each relationship is the most fulfilling job and honor I've known.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and please feel welcome to reach out to me! I love great conversation and meeting new people, and hope we get to work together soon.

-- xx

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