Fifteen Minutes - Mary and Trudy (Pittsburgh, PA Family Photography)

We tend to overcomplicate. When it comes to shoots, simple and real is how I roll and this little number is a perfect example of that. I spent some time with Mary talking on the couch until Trudy woke up and we took these in 15 minutes, using what light came in from the grey downpour outside. Terrible weather, short period of time, and just a few poses were all we could squeeze in for this day but we danced some dances and drank some milk and froze some moments. That's what it's all about.

I love long shoots, but really, it doesn't take long. It doesn't take posed or perfected or scripted to create some images to hang onto. Don't wait too long, you know your kids don't keep. <3

p.s. - Mary burned her hand baaaadly while curling her hair  as I was walking in. She said "oh well!" I happen to think it looks fabulous as is. ;)