Josh and Alex (New Wilmington, PA)

One of my favorite memories with Alex is the night I spent at her college apartment. She made me the best cup of tea, tea she had brought home from Malawi, and we sat in her room and talked about the good we've experienced in the world and what we were learning. Josh came up as a "pooooosible interest" and someone who WAS definitely pursuing her, but Alex laughed and shrugged and said "we'll see. I'll keep ya posted. ;)" I'm so glad that name didn't go away because Josh is such a strong and kind man, and him and Alex go together so well.

Alex is one of the most joyful and approachable people I have ever met. There is so much warmth and calm in her voice and expressions. She never holds back laughter. Also, thanks to her recommendations, this was my sixth wedding in this quaint little (tiny) town (village? ;)). I'm so thankful for her and Josh's easygoing and kind personalities that made the (30 degree) day so enjoyable for ME as well. Enjoy the story: