Tribute To 2017 [Atlanta, Georgia Wedding and Family Photographer]

I guess I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to 2017 because we are, two full months into the next year, and this blog post is finally happening.
But perhaps there is some truth to that. Despite being a prime number, 2017 was a great year.
It was my first year being married, living in Atlanta, and drinking bubble tea on the reg. In 2017 I learned to use my car horn to stay alive on these crazy city streets. There are some pretty incredible people here in Georgia who I've had the privilege to photograph this year. As a total newbie in the south, I'm grateful for their love and support toward me and most of all, for trusting me to document their sacred moments. I left the sweet tea states several times to photograph weddings and families up north in Ohio, West Virginia, and across Pennsylvania. You might spy some western scenery in a few images because of an excursion to Colorado for a wedding and some other shoots (lucky us).  Through these trips we collected so many memories of warmth, friendship, and simple joys like fresh summer air and winding, open roads. Thank you to everyone who trusted me to document their lives, and befriended me in such a meaningful way. I'm grateful you're in my life.

I 100% guarantee I will never blog each of the shoots from this year, so let’s summarize, shall we? I’m a wedding and family photographer. As of right now I can’t choose a favorite, so I enjoy both and mixed them all together throughout this post. Babies and parents, spouses, and laughter looks the same, and the moments together mean a whole lot. Can't say quite the same about dresses and shoes, but they're pretty to look at. ;)

There are a lot of photos below so grab a cup of tea or coffee or a protein shake if you really want to take your time, press play on the music, and get comfy.