Alan and Katie (Cleveland, Ohio Wedding Photography)

At 7:30 Katie came over and sat down on the bed next to me where I was sleeping and practiced her wedding song and we both teared up and I whispered “this is it KK.” The day rolled on as it had begun with no fussiness, just filled with anticipation to be married. Alan came over early in the morning to eat quiche and get ready and then the three of us drove in the pouring rain to take portraits, listening to Jose James and yawning. Just as we parked the rain stopped and weather began to clear up for a beautiful day.

I love these two and the example they are to me of what love looks like. They are not exclusive. They are not selfish or preoccupied with impressing those around them. Their relationship is so strong to invest fully in each other and simultaneously extend love to everyone around them. They are the real deal. This is their wedding story.