Airbnb Wedding | Front and Palmer Reception | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An intimate wedding in an Airbnb Tuscan style mansion, with reception following months later at Front and Palmer in Philadelphia. Sam and Marria's wedding ceremony was attended by family only, with Marria's best friend as officiant. Most guests stayed at the airbnb where the wedding was held, which really provided such a laid-back and private feel to the day. (For the record, you must be given permission by the owners of the home if you are to have a large event at an airbnb you are renting, or consequences may follow. Sam and Marria acted within the law. ;)) Flowers were arranged by Marria and her mother and sisters, Marria wore her mom's dress, vows were personally written, and at dinner, everyone who wished to do so could give a toast to honor the bride and groom. Such a special, personal day to be part of.

Their reception months later was held at Front and Palmer, in the heart of Philadelphia. This was the celebration and feast where all friends and family joined them. Marria described the vision for her reception to the coordinator as, "zombie apocalypse meets Great Gatsby".  Ha! Only Marria could come up with that combination. Beautifully gritty interior mixed with romantic light and decor resulted in one of the most beautiful spaces I've photographed. She even found a vintage Miss America dress (actually worn in the pageant) to change things up a bit. Sam comes from a Jewish background which was incorporated by dancing the Hora, and Marria is a dancer for the Pennsylvania Ballet, so naturally their reception had some of the best groovin I've seen.  I was so honored to play this role in their union, and cherish the friendship I now have with this sweet couple.

These last several images were taken by the groom himself. Seeing the guests through his eyes for a few clicks is something I really love.