The River (India, Post 2)

We woke up before the sun to take the train to a river (the girls from the stitching center needed an excuse for an outing).

We rode that train for 2 hours and 15 minutes (sitting in the doorway, feet dangling and the countryside flying past).

We saw some monkeys on the way to the river (a new kind of family portrait for me).

We passed the landmark to get to the river and ended up walking 20 minutes too far (until a freight train miles long stopped to give our confused and weary group directions and chat for a bit. Casual.)

We operate on Indian time around here (patience is the first hand and flexibility the second).

We who braved the cold water swam in the river (“Well shoot….take advantage of every opportunity you can”, 72 year old Mackey said as she entered, and I was having too much fun to take photos).

We really enjoyed this day out with our friends (and are ready for a new week to work hard).