Claire (Pittsburgh, PA)

One of my best friends for the past three years. We met in South Africa during my stay there and her family became my second family. We have still managed to visit each other every year. <3 What an honor to take beautiful Claire's portraits on a cloudy day in Pittsburgh, . She is joy.

David and Eden (Dallas, Texas)

This day -- sunrise ceremony, crepe breakfast, ombre color scheme -- was was dreamed entirely by David and Eden, one of the most creative and kind couples I've photographed. In a world of Pinterest boards and wedding blogs, participating in a wedding created with such originality was a real privilege.

Sleeping with the bridesmaids and starting the day off before there was even a streak of dawn in the sky couldn't have appealed to me more, and having our schedule determined by the swell of sunrise gave the whole day such an organic and free flowing atmosphere. Enjoy a look into their day: