[ "Forever is composed of now's." One of my favorite quotes of all time, by Emily Dickinson. ]



From the sincerest part of me, I'm so glad you're here.

focusing on ordinary beauty.

I don't believe in glorifying perfection. I believe in real emotion. Real messiness. Real relationships. Life is literally bursting with unplanned moments of ecstasy, love, and care. Embrace it.

This is what I walk around and try to portray in the proportions of a photo. We all have rhythms and ways of interacting with those closest to us. Why not try to display the essence of that?


your story is sacred.

Maybe you're walking through a season of extreme hardship or sky soaring happiness. To me, photos are a way of honoring somebody's history. Life is weighty, but it's worth it. I view each shoot as an opportunity to pay homage to the road you've walked, and where you stand at this moment. It's a testament to the people around you -- the ones you don't want to live without. The holiness of relationship.